Tory vice chair deletes comment saying unemployed should have vasectomies

Tory Britain: The directors responsible for the Carillion bankruptcy should get MILLIONS in pay-offs: Carillion fat cats still earning up to £55,000 a MONTH even after quitting The workers made redundant by the Carillion bankruptcy should get VASECTOMIES: Tory vice chair urged jobless to stop having kids or UK would ‘drown in wasters’ […]

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Fascistbook Helps Tyrants Suppress Dissent

The administrators of a popular Aboriginal Facebook community claim their page was hacked and taken offline in an attack they believe was racially motivated. “Blackfulla Revolution” was launched in 2014 and had 157,000 likes before it was removed last Thursday. Posts on the page focused on Indigenous advocacy and issues like health and education. It […]

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Fascistbook’s Nazi Eugenic Depopulation Agenda

Two Hollywood actors working on the true story behind Roe v. Wade said Facebook is blocking their project. Academy Award-winning actor Jon Voight and actor/producer Nick Loeb are involved in the making of “Roe v. Wade: The Movie,” along with Alveda King, the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King […]

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Kill All Cops Please


U.S. cops kill 1,200 Americans every year, send 50,000 to the hospital, and incarcerate 11 million, 95% of which never even go to trial. The US has more laws than any country on Earth, has the highest incarceration rate of any nation in the world, and holds 1/4th of the world’s prison population. American cops and politicians who support them should be summarily executed for eugenic genocide and slavery, human trafficking, crimes against nature and humanity punishable by death according to the Declaration of Independence, The Second Amendment to the Constitution, and international law.

You copsucking bastards, I am so fucking sick of your shit. You motherfucking tyrants need to motherfucking die, right fucking now. Don’t wait for me, just go right ahead and kill yourself. Save everyone else the trouble of having to even look at your rabid psychopathic ass one more time. You are nothing but a burden to humanity. Good fucking riddance. Kill yourself.